Tips For An Awesome Cinema Experience

Yes most of us own home theatre systems and a visit to the cinemas have turned out to be absolutely unnecessary. It may be unnecessary, but it is definitely fun, especially if you were born before the dawn of the new millennium. Following are some tips to make your cinematic experience unforgettable. You might be visiting the theatres a lot, but at least try to make one of those visits a special one. Life is all about making an ordinary moment extra ordinary.

Choose the right theatreIf this is something that you don’t do quite often, don’t settle for the mediocre cinema in our neighbourhood. Go looking for a good cinema. There are some very fancy cinemas in the world. If you are in France, Olympia Music Hall has some nice comfy beds to watch your movie from. There are many outdoor cinemas too, if you are nature kind of person. Choose the right cinema and enjoy your movie like never before

Choose the right peopleTag along someone whom you can enjoy the movie with. Take a few so that you can buy tickets in bulk to bag in a good discount.

Choose the best seatCentre, and in the mid lines might be the best position for the best audio experience. Choose a seat where you don’t have to strain your neck or a seat where you will not have to stand up or put your legs up a million times for others to walk out. The hot tub cinema in London, now that’s my kind of comfort.

Choose the right snacksYou might not have much of a choice here as most theatres don’t allow you to bring food from outside, and the ones sold within the cinema premises are crazy expensive. You don’t have to just settle for fizzy drinks and popcorn, you can make your snacks extra ordinary too, depending on what’s available. Roasted ants are a popular movie snack in Columbia. Dried cuttle-fish in Korea, fish cakes in Barbados are a few interesting choices. However, you can just munch on the usual sugared popcorn in England, or some nachos in Kowloon or the usual hot dogs in the states. Actually these go-to cinema snacks can be found in almost any cinema in the world. 

Talking about nachos in Kowloon or anywhere else for that matter, choose the best dip to go along with it. Same goes for hotdogs, choose the right sauce. Put a straw on those popcorn butter dispensers for an even distribution of butter, even to the popcorns at the bottom of the bag. These might seem too trivial to fuss about, but these food is all you have in the couple of hours that you in the cinema. So it’s ok to try to get the best.

Dress right!The air-conditioning in the cinema may be set to accommodate a full house comfortably. If so, if you happen to go there on a day when there are not more than a few viewers, you might feel too cold to enjoy your movie. At the same time, if it a full house, all you need is moderate clothing. There is no way to know before, so wear something that could be used either way.