Bad Effects To Your Body By High Stress Levels

Stress is that one thing you should avoid but with all the tight schedules and nonstop work, stress is something that can’t be prevented if you don’t take actions against it. High stress levels will do you no good because it will change your mood, your thoughts and your overall behavior. High stress levels will cause major disruptions to your body functions. If you have a stress you can visit a great restaurants that can serve a delicious cuisines and will satisfy you.

Increased breathing rates and heart rate.

The rise of stress levels in your body causes the blood vessels in your body to constrict, reducing the diameter of the blood vessels. When the blood vessels constrict, blood pressure rises. You will have to put more effort and spend more of your body’s energy to supply your heart and brain with enough blood. Constriction of blood vessels, higher levels of blood pressure and the more work done by the heart in pumping blood may lead to increased breathing rates and heart diseases. Increased breathing rates can cause worse breathing problems to asthmatics. If you are looking for ways to lower your stress levels, visit a reputable shisha bar. It will help you get rid of the annoying stress.

Loss of sexual desires

Yes, stress will make you not want sex and it will cause problems in your marriage life. However, increased production of the male hormone, testosterone is brought about as a result of higher stress levels leasdign to temporary sexual arousals. If the high stress levels continue in a man’s body, the production of testosterone will drop. Furthermore, men will experience erectile dysfunctions too. High stress levels in women will effect the menstrual cycle causing either irregular menstruation, painful menstruation or no menstruation. Your body will also be more prone to urethra and prostate diseases.

Decreased immunity

Stress levels can bring about temporary improvements to your immune system but it may have bad long term effects. With time, your immunity levels will reduce making you vulnerable for diseases such as influenza and common cold. The time taken to recover from these diseases will also increase.

Malfunctions of the digestive system

When your body is under stress and is weak, the liver is stimulated to produce higher amounts of glucose to provide more energy. The extra production of glucose is absorbed by the blood bringing about diabetes. Unbalanced hormones, increased breathing rates and heart rates will cause malfunctions in your digestive system. There will be problems when food moves down your digestive system; you will experience diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, stomach aches and also heart burns. Eating a healthy diet will reduce the damages caused to your digestive system by stress.