Different People – Different Wine

I have often heard it mentioned that different types of wine can be personified as different kinds of stereotypical individuals. A Cabernet Sauvignon is a military general, due to its bold and stolid flavour that is somewhat heavy-handed. A Shiraz is gypsy-style woman who is free in spirit and lives life on a whim due to its fruity and indulgent taste. A Chardonnay is well-dressed woman of style who is very prim and proper, due to its crystalline colour and subtle flavours. Whether or not this type of person would drink the wine matching their description, I do not know. However, it does seem a very good way to differentiate between wines and more so, to gift wrap them.

Wine gift boxes are often very plain in style. Thinking of wines as people is a very good idea to dress up these gift wrappings. If you are giving a Cabernet Sauvignon as a gift, dress the gift box up as a military general, using cut-outs and various other scrapbooking materials. You may also decide, however, that this is a silly idea. This is no matter because most of the people I drink different types of wines. And so, why not make that wine their signature drink. When you give it to them as a gift, dress up the gift bag as something that is typically them and then in the gift card write out a description of how their personality matches the wine they love so much.

I am sure that you can buy wine gifts NZ in every colour and so finding a suitable background shouldn’t be an issue. A Sauvignon Blanc is a very fresh and natural tasting wine and so maybe you can buy a green gift box and dress it up with pressed flowers and dried leaves. A Riesling or a dessert wine can be decorated with brightly coloured, candy-themed decorations to match its natural sweetness. You could also attach a few sweets onto the outside of the wrapping to the recipient can enjoy their wine with something nice to go with it. In fact this is a good idea for any wine. Whatever a specific wine is supposed to pair with, attach something along that theme or write a little note explaining what would be best to drink it with. There are thousands of ideas to choose from. This is a fantastic idea as both wine and people are so versatile. These gift boxes will be so beautiful that the person receiving them may even keep them to use for something in their home to remind them of you and themselves, as opposed to throwing them away or using to give wine to someone else.