Catering Companies Just A Phone Call Away

When your office or home is situated you can be rest assured that is you want to arrange a party at home, you do not need to panic about the food services. Simply leave it to the professionals and you spend quality time with your guests.

There are many catering companies. The catering companies emphasize on – quality service, customer satisfaction and repeat orders. Starting from the chairs, table, marques, table linens and crockery they provide everything. Now there can be carious types of party like- wedding, birthday, anniversary celebration, and college reunion and even corporate. Professional companies know what sort of decor to arrange the type of food to served on the table. Spit roast parties have become a recent trend.

Mobile food trucks is a specialised service and it needs the right choice of chair, table and dull coloured decor. The decor has to be smart. Drinks, starters, main course, side dishes and desserts comprise the main attraction of the party. In case of corporate dinners it consists of round tables or centre table with a dais where the speaker stands and addresses the crowd. The theme colour of the party should be selected as a dark one or extremely light. Generally colourful decor is not preferred for this purpose.

Party caterers create such an ambiance and mood so that the guests are bound to enjoy and cherish each and every moment of it. Generally the menu differs from corporate party and a fun filled casual party. Theme parties are also very common and popular. The food may be more or less the same but the difference is brought about in the mood of the party. Boat party is a very popular concept for wedding or other occasions. The party caterers should be responsible for creating vibrant ambiance and make it memorable for the guests.

Catering services are a good business but all you need to do is serve the customer to the hearts content, create an atmosphere of friendship and see that the clients will definitely remember you and give a call for the next party. Small gifts like key rings, menu cards and show pieces can be considered a good means of branding for the catering company. These sort of low scale BTL activities are useful both for the catering company and the client.

So, when you are determined to have a party at your home, simply get the menu from your friend. Then it’s time for you to decide over the menu. Generally for a 3-4 course meal you should have 10- 12 types of menus. If you want to go for a budget party then 7-8 types of menu is enough. The count of people should be determined and you should ask for a quote from the catering manager. In case of cocktail party, the drinks section should be separate and a separate budget for drinks should be prepared. For cocktail party side dishes and snacks should be truly exclusive. So, get indulged into the fantasies of a party in your house that will be remembered for its service, food and fun filled ambiance. Lets friends talk about your memorable party for years to come.