Here’s A List Of Things You Shouldn’t Miss

Hong Kong is not a shoddy tourist destination .But having said that, with little bit of extra planning and innovativeness, you can spend a pleasant day in the city on a tight budget. Outside spaces, road shows, museums and markets take up to a majority of this beautiful city, and many of these are open for tourists for free. Hong Kong is an energetic and active city of eight million occupants thus, can be overwhelming for some guests, particularly those not used to swarmed places. What’s more, with such a great amount to do here, one can scratch their head on where to begin all together get the most out of their outing. If you are travelling to Hong Kong on a budget, we have a list of things you shouldn’t miss.

Go on a Big Bus Tour.

Hop on to a Big Bus and enjoy 24 or 28 hour access to Hong Kong’s open top tourist transport services and see the greater part of the city’s seminal historic points and places at your own pace. Your pass permits you to explore on 3 diverse sightseeing trails through Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. Go along the Hong Kong Island course, known as the Red Route, investigate the Blue Route of Kowloon, and take the Green Route through Stanley to glance through the breathtaking city view of metropolitan Hong Kong.

Walk through the Kowloon Market

Hong Kong is plentiful with busy markets, and you’ll find the best of them on as you walk through the busy streets of Kowloon. From the signature Kowloon flower market to the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, you are likely to find amazing deals or get away from the turmoil of the city. Kowloon market is also best known to be home for many great seafood restaurants in Hong Kong. Make sure to stop by and enjoy signature Hong Kong cheesy lobsters. Link here offer a tasty food that you can satisfied.

Take a street food tour

Find the heavenly food on a tasty street meal tour and check out some of the finest Asian street food on the go. Hong Kong’s street food is amazingly divine and adored by local people and guests alike. Make sure to stop by roadside burger places in Hong Kong and enjoy local Blue Butcher.

Enjoy the turquoise beach

Whether it’s surfing or a sun bath, Hong Kong’s shorelines offer a free and charming break from the city. Simply bring sunblock and music for a shabby but a lovely gathering.